This website was developed to serve as a reference and resource site for those interested and working in the fields of wound, ostomy, or continence healthcare. All content was/is obtained from various healthcare professionals. As the fields of wound, ostomy, and continence continue to evolve and develop in traditional and non-traditional settings, revamping of procedures, processess, and policies is often warranted. To decrease the workload and avoid "Reinventing the wheel", wound, ostomy, and continence healthcare professional have selflessly offered their own work so that others may benefit.

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This website is dedicated to Megan Alexandria Dale. 1-12-88 : 4-23-11. This website was Megan's idea in 2004. She developed the original geocities site, then this new one when the old free site didn't have enough bandwidth to accommodate the requests. She maintained this site, uploaded the files for us, and she helped Mom figure out FTP files, HTML, etc to keep it going.